Review and Copyright Policies

Review policy:

Books, Off the Page reviews cheap and free eBooks. We only review books that we think are worthy of purchase. If we read a book which does not meet our standards and which we do not think should be purchased due to a poor standard of editing or writing we will not review it.

Unless expressly stated these eBooks have been purchased by the reviewer or by Books, Off the Page. Where we receive eBooks for free or at a discount below normal retail price this will be clearly noted in the review.

We are more than happy to receive copies of eBooks from authors or publishers to review. If you want us to review your eBook please understand that we give no guarantee of a positive review. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy or the possibility of us reviewing your eBook.

Copyright policy:

It takes me time to read and review books, and I ask that you respect this by doing the following:
  • If you wish to quote my review, feel free, but limit your quote to about 10% or one to two sentences. 
  • Always attribute quote material to me, Katherine Lee, and this blog by linking back to the original post.
  • Do not re-post or republish this post without my express permission.
  • Do not use this material for commercial purposes without my express permission. This includes using quotes in your publicity material, on book covers, or in press releases. 
  • Do not alter, transform or build upon this work.
Violation of any of these reasonable requests will result in action being taken against you, including legal action where appropriate. Please contact me if you have any reasonable requests regarding my reviews and I will do my best to fulfill them.